The last Vegan Summer Gathering took place in Mumbles, near Swansea, in June 2005, and at present there are no plans for any future gatherings.

The annual VEGAN CAMP continues to thrive however (see their website at

For photos of the Vegan Summer Gathering (mainly from 2004 and 2005) see here

The first Summer Gathering was held in Exmouth, Devon, in 1994 - and Exmouth continued to be its home (except for Sheffield in 1996) until it moved to Mumbles in South Wales in 2003. So there have been eight gatherings in Exmouth, three in Mumbles, and one in Sheffield. Typically about 40 people came for the week (mainly from the UK but also a few from abroad), and this number was usually about doubled by local people and day visitors. Many people stayed together in large self-catering houses or flats, and we always tried to keep charges as low as possible. At the same time we raised small amounts of money - totalling about 2,700 over 12 years - for assorted vegan groups, notably Vegfam. The gatherings were a mixture of conference and holiday, with discussions and talks mixed with communal meals, and many trips out and about. Some people came just once, but many others (of all ages) came regularly over the years and made lasting friendships.

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