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Here is a selection of articles from previous Vegan Views magazines between 1976 and 2004 (issues 10 to 100).  This page is from an earlier version of our website and some links within the articles may no longer work. Most of these articles are also cross referenced by subject if you click the Cross Reference link on  the left. This list of selected articles was discontinued after issue 100, but most of our issues since then are available in pdf form, click on the Home link on the left.
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VV100 (Spring 2004)
Editorial 100th edition of Vegan Views
Stockless Agriculture Programme on Radio 4 Review of a broadcast on a vegan organic farm in Berkshire
The Vegan Concept The dairy industry
Vegan Organic Growing Spring is Sprung!
Grassroots News Update on Vegan Organic Network, Ancient Woodland Project + Welhealth Fruit Farm
Cartoon Virtual reality meat eating
Vegan Views: the Early Years To celebrate the 100th edition of Vegan Views, a look-back at early VV editions
VV99 (Winter 2003/4)
Editorial Nutrition and the Atkins Diet
Permaculture and Veganism Interview with Graham Burnett of Land & Liberty
No More Fish The ecology, suffering and pollution problems + healthy alternatives to fish oils
Vegan Organic Growing The Garden in late Winter/Early Spring
Grassroots News Update on Vegan Organic Network, Plants for a Future + Ancient Woodland Project
Cartoon The Activists, episode 1
Heart of the Matter The Humane Donor Card
VV98 (Autumn 2003)
Editorial Hiding away the origins of food
Calcium: from a Logical Vegan Perspective by Arthur Ling of Plamil Foods
Vegan Organic Growing Fruit + Leafmould
Food Co-ops Advice on setting one up in your area
Grassroots News Update on Vegan Organic Network, Plants for a Future + Ancient Woodland Project
Cartoon The cake shop sketch by Mark and Sally
VV97 (Summer 2003)
Editorial ALF violence against humans demeans the animal rights movement
Vegan Infants New update on 33 vegan infants
Vegan Shakers part 4 Interview with Steve Walsh
Vegan Organic Growing Composts, Summer plantings, Green Manure, Strawberries
Cartoon Vegan Picnic (100 kbytes)
Breast Milk the Best Milk Best for babies, and avoids the cruel dairy industry
Grassroots News Update on Vegan Organic Network, Ancient Woodland Project + Plants for a Future
VV96 (Spring 2003)
Editorial Change is gradual
Vegan Shakers part 3 Interview with Karin Ridgers
Medical Experiments on Animals Mislead and hold back Progress inspired by 'Sacred Cows and Golden Geese'
Vegan Organic Growing Growing food in a new garden
Cartoon Prehistoric times - meet Veggie Rex (96 kbytes)
A Vegan Visit To Mallorca Harry Mather finds plenty of veggie cafés
Kathleen Jannaway 1915-2003: A Life Well Lived An obituary
Grassroots News News about Vegan Organic Network and Plants for a Future
VV95 (Winter 2002/3)
Editorial Respect for animals leads to respect for humans
Vegan Shakers part 2 Interview with Liz Cook
The Cockerel-Next-Door The story of two cockerels, one lucky, and one not so lucky
The Ancient Woodland Project A 29 acre permaculture woodland in Yorkshire
A Woodland Burial A burial which is environmental
VV94 (Autumn 2002)
Editorial Our violent world
Cartoon Can't go Veggie, Won't go Veggie (108 kbytes)
Appeal for Jamaica Encouraging the Maroon community to try veganic growing
More Vegan Awareness The human mismanagement of the earth
Vegan Shakers Interview with active VON (Vegan Organic Network) members
How and Why I Became Vegan (Part 3) The story of two of our readers
VV93 (Summer 2002)
Editorial Vegan Views hits the computer age
Cartoon Oh! The Joy of Being a Vegan!! (104 kbytes)
Update on BSE Young people are more susceptible to CJD
Nutritional Supplements - A Dissenter's View The case against using supplements
Three Third World Articles Vegfam, HIPPO and the Vegetarian Society of Uganda
VV92 (Spring 2002)
Editorial Staying healthy with a vegan diet
Veggie Pride A festival in France
How and Why I Became Vegan (part 2) Four more people tell us their reasons
Ronald's Song A song about the McDonald's advert
Vegans United A plea to vegans to pull together and stop the in-fighting
Battle on a herbivorous scale A story of a schoolgirl's conversion to veganism
VV91 (Winter 2001/02)
Editorial The selfishness of humans
Foot & Mouth Ends, Hunting Starts The News at the beginning of 2002
Plants for a Future News update from the Vegan Organic horticulture group
The Vegan Economy VEGA's plans to veganise more everyday product ingredients
Animals and Islam Quotes from the Koran
On The Net Yahoo clubs and groups of interest to vegans
Vegan Infants Positive news from a study of infants being brought up vegan
How and Why I Became Vegan By people at the 2001 Vegan Summer Gathering
VV90 (Autumn 2001)
Editorial Terroist attacks on the USA
Porton Down The Ministry of Defence animal research laboratory
VV89 (Summer 2001)
Editorial Humans are not instinctively carnivores + educating children in schools
The Drugs Don't Work Includes fluoridation of water + medication
Feeding the World Why animal farming squanders resources in the third world
Life In The Omnivorous Household A vegan's experience of living with a meat-eating partner
Animal Exploitation: the Food Dilemma Organic food is often fertilised with animal manure, so grow your own!
Cartoon Veganise The World (55 kbytes)
VV88 (Late Spring 2001)
Editorial Animals have rights
Farm Crisis - an Opportunity Foot and Mouth Disease
VV87 (Winter 2000/01)
Editorial The new century
Pig Free Painting Animal-free paintbrushes for decorating and art
Boxing Day for the Royals A poem by Zaak
Meat in Crisis BSE
VV86 (Autumn 2000)
Editorial Veganism - the long-term solution for health, moral standards and the environment
Hard Choices Tough medical decisions and parallels with animals
Hell for Leather Most people disagree with fur, so why not leather?
VV85 (Summer 2000)
Vegans Reach the Heights An account of two vegan mountaineers, including animal-free food and equipment for the climb
Sprouting Seeds, Pulses and Grains A nutritional guide
VV84 (Spring 2000)
Editorial Genetically Modified food
Feed the World with VEGFAM A registered charity which alleviates famine without the use of animals
VV83 (Spring/Winter 1999)
Veganism and the Environment Why being vegan helps the environment
VV82 (Spring/Summer 1999)
Editorial BSE + Genetically Modified food
Bringing up Vegan Children Accounts and advice from parents
Hawaiian Holiday Leah Leneman finds eating out in Hawaii very easy and tasty
Milk and Calcium Contrary to the rumours, you can get plenty of calcium from a vegan diet
Plants for a Future This group who are researching ecologically sustainable horticulture
Silk The cruelty of silk production
VV81 (Winter 1998/99)
Editorial A Thank You to Vegan Views readers
Cowmilk and Disease By Dr T.H. Crouch
The Language for Vegans Eating out vegan on a holiday in Poland + Esperanto
VV80 (Summer/Autumn 1998)
Editorial The Church
Are We Natural Carnivores? Harry Mather thinks not
Plants for a Future Ecologically sustainable vegan organic horticulture - resource and information centre
VV79 (Spring 1998)
Editorial Failed promises of the new Labour Government
Boundless Love: True Christianity Alterations to the Bible have erased Jesus' message
Wartime Britain - the Vegetarian and Vegan Wartime rationing, cookery books and growing fruit & veg
Country Comes to Town Hunting with hounds
VV78 (Winter 97/98)
Editorial Global warming + the hunting vote in parliament
Happy Shiny Teeth A guide to dentistry and avoiding tooth decay
Amalgam Fillings - a Threat to Human Health
How Vegan are We? Items where animal products are unavoidable in our day-to-day lives
What is Normal? Meat eaters are considered to be normal, but shouldn't compassion be normal instead?
McLibel Judgment An analysis of the verdict of the "What's Wrong with McDonalds" trial
Hunting The debate in parliament to ban hunting with hounds
VV77 (Autumn 1997)
Editorial Meat-eating increases risk of cancer
Fox Hunting Rebutting pro-hunting arguments
A Holiday in Mauritius A marvellous holiday with superb vegan food
Wool... the Reality for the Sheep Wool production in Australia
VV76 (Spring/Summer 1997)
Editorial Mark and Sally cartoon + new Labour government brings hopes for animals welfare improvements
Vegetarian Conquers Highest Peak The vegetarian who has twice climbed Mount Everest
Cartoon Through the Looking Glass by Mark & Sally (80 kbytes)
VV75 (New Year 1997)
Editorial Food scares
Genetic Engineering Can we trust the scientists behind it?
UK is a Paradise for Vegans The problems of being a vegan abroad
Jobs and Ethics A tale of a job search computer
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (80 kbytes)
VV74 (Autumn 1996)
Editorial Wilfred Crone dies at 87
Tree Crops - a Social, Ecological and Dietary Revolution
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (76 kbytes)
VV73 (Summer 1996)
Editorial Racism and the link to animals
Who Needs Milk? The cruelty of dairy milk production
Beef Adverts Found to be Untrue UK Advertising Standards Authority censure Meat and Livestock Commission adverts
Dreams of Eden A letter encouraging vegans to start businesses - a garden centre in this case
Charity Walk Latest A 1000 mile sponsored walk to raise funds for VEGFAM
Cartoon Problem Page by Mark & Sally (74 kbytes)
VV71 (Winter 95/96)
Editorial Keep hope alive
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (69 kbytes)
VV70 (Autumn 1995)
Editorial Health benefits of veganism
Light into the Darkness The meat-free message of Jesus' original teachings
Interview with a Fruitarian An interview with John Rhodes
Plants for a Future An experiment in vegan self-sufficiency and permaculture
Book Review - Vegan Nutrition A review of the second edition of Gill Langley's book
VV69 (Summer 1995)
Editorial Live exports and human brutality
Cartoon Just a minute by Mark & Sally (77 kbytes)
Fish: Where have all the Fishes Gone? Overfishing and pollution
Soya Milk Saga EC is trying to ban the "Soya Milk" labelling
Vegans Set to Colonise the Universe A plan by NASA
VV68 (Spring 1995)
Editorial Live exports
Christianity and Boundless Love How the Church has been economical with the truth
True International Veganism Esparanto
Food Poisoning An article from New Scientist magazine
Live Exports - a Continuing Struggle The transport of farm animals from the UK to abroad
News from Norway Campaigning and organisations in Norway
Shellfish Trade How they are boiled alive
Vegans Keep Going Vegan marathon runners
Twenty Years of Vegan Views Vegan Views history since its birth in 1975
VV67 (Summer 1995)
Editorial Optimism
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (84 kbytes)
Letter: Lightbulb Jokes How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb?
VEGFAM interview Interview of Frieden Howard of VEGFAM
VV66 (Autumn 1994)
Editorial 50 years ago... the word 'vegan' was coined
Instead of Eggs Successful egg-free cooking and baking
VV65 (Summer 1994)
Editorial Must violence always triumph?
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables World Health Organisation recommends 5 portion per day
Cartoon Back to Basics by Mark & Sally (81 kbytes)
VV64 (Spring 1994)
Editorial Vegan Views magazine
Beatle Stops the Show Paul McCartney concerts feature images of animal abuse
Cartoon 2047... by Mark & Sally (83 kbytes)
VV63 (Winter 93/94)
Editorial Vegan health
Vision of a Gentler World Dr Michael Klaper's thoughts
Shopping with Care: Make your Purchasing Selective By Arthur Ling of Plamil Foods
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (83 kbytes)
VV62 (Autumn 1993)
Dr. Michael Klaper - On Animal Fats By the US vegan GP
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (80 kbytes)
VV61 (Summer 1993)
Editorial Modern Technology
Genetic Engineering Scientists play genetics with animals
Vegetarian Cyclists - a History (part 1) 1887 - 1914
Cartoon By Mark & Sally (90 kbytes)
VV60 (Spring 1993)
Cartoon Marcel et Sali à Paris by Mark & Sally (85 kbytes)
VV59 (Winter 1992/93)
A Vegan on Holiday in Greece by Leah Leneman
Cartoon Mark and Sally's Christmas Speech (85 kbytes)
VV58 (Autumn 1992)
Cartoon Pondering Self Sufficiency... by Mark & Sally (92 kbytes)
VV57 (Summer 92)
Cartoon Mark & Sally's Day Off... (81 kbytes)
VV50 (Summer 1990)
Vegan Views: How it all began by Marijke McCartney, one of the VV founders
VV and Me by Valerie Alferoff, an early contributor to VV
VV37 (Autumn 1986)
The Milk of Human Kindness Interview with Arthur Ling, founder of Plamil
VV34 (Winter 1985)
Sense & Sentimentality This animal lover image must be broken
Interview with Leah Leneman The vegan cookery book writer
VV32 (Summer 1984)
The Great Australian Vegan Barbecue Australian Vegans' National Meat Week spoiler
Barbecue Food From the Australian Barbecue
Perspectives on Education By a vegan teacher
VV27 (Spring 1982)
Problems with Friends Coping with non-vegans
VV25 (Autumn 1981)
Conditioning How our mind accepts a particular lifestyle as right
Letter Dairy produce is positively harmful
Science Fiction The modern way to communicate our message
VV23 (Autumn 1980)
A Way Forward Vegans trying to show the way forward for our society
VV18 (Winter 1978)
Letter Being vegan in a carnivorous world
Human and Animal Rights
VV11 (February 1977)
Interview with Kathleen Jannaway Secretary of the Vegan Society
VV10 (November 1976)
The Ignorant Layman's Guide to the Recognition of Typical Species of British Vegans